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Laitman_115_04Question: Are there two types of software operating simultaneously in the Israeli nation: the egoistic software of Babylon and the altruistic software of Abraham?

Answer: The egoistic software actually existed in those who joined Abraham. Their egoism developed according to a particular system, and they kept ascending above their ego and connected according to Abraham’s method. The other Babylonians, on the other hand, did not overcome their egoism and did not connect, and so it developed in them in a different manner, unfelt and very slowly; that is, they drew away from one another and spread all over the globe.

It turns out that the Jewish people were much more egoistic than all the other nations, but at the same time, they already knew the method of connecting by which they ascended above their ego. There were already two lines of conduct in them, the egoistic line and the altruistic line parallel to it, and they developed along the two lines. This is Abraham’s method, and whoever accepts this method and lives by it is called the people of Israel (Am Israel). “Israel” – “Yashar El” means straight to the Creator, to the upper force that governs the world, to the attribute of love and bestowal.

We are connected to this method whether we like it or not. We carry it inside us! Our nation actually was founded on the basis of this method, and although we don’t feel it, it is embedded in us on an internal, spiritual level.

The Jewish people are a very interesting group of people that has existed for thousands of years and it has been studied in depth. But it is impossible to discover its spiritual inclination on the genetic level because it is on a level that is not expressed by any genetic attributes. It is actually this level that the nations of the world feel in us because it is the strongest. There are people who look at a person and say, “This is a Jew!” How do they see that if he comes from South America and has red hair, for example? There is something in a person that people actually feel, although it is hidden.

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From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/4/15

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