The Importance Of Disseminating The Wisdom Of Kabbalah To The World

laitman_962.4First of all, we must remember that the goal of correction is the whole world, all the nations. It cannot be any other way and this is the role of the people of Israel. Just like our forefathers, once in the corrected state, worked with the people of Israel and drew them to spirituality, we must today reach the degree of the forefathers in order to perform their work and be able to lead others. They were once able to make us into the people of Israel, and now we need to do the same work and draw the entire world to the spiritual degree.

No concessions and compromises are possible here because this is the law of nature.

Abraham raised disciples and then they passed on his teaching to other people, who formed the nation of Israel. In the same way, we too must become teachers who will deal not only with the ones who came out of ancient Babylon, but rather with all people, elevating them to the same degree that the people of Israel were once in, that is, leading them to understanding and awareness of spirituality. This means correcting the desires into bestowal with the help of the reforming light and coming to love for one’s neighbor.

Fathers and sons are two degrees and today’s sons are the whole world, so we must teach everyone. The whole world demands correction and we are responsible for it like fathers are toward sons.1

Before we come to correction, we need to determine exactly what we want to correct. Therefore, we need to connect to the nations of the world and discern their deficiencies, their state, in order to imagine the state we need to come to ourselves and the state to which we need to bring them. And then we will be able to perform our correction because we do not correct ourselves for the sake of ourselves but for the sake of becoming a pipeline for the whole world.

Our correction should from the very beginning be aimed at such a selfless transmission, “the pipeline.” If in our request we do not present ourselves as a pipeline, passing everything received from the Creator to others and leaving nothing to ourselves, then we will not receive anything from the Creator but only ruin ourselves even more. We have nothing left of this transmission but our role and it is called “the vessel that holds the blessing for Israel.”

This is why the people of Israel still do not see the blessing no matter how many actions they perform. On the contrary, there is a continuous descent from generation to generation because we do not fulfill the main thing—our role regarding the world that many Kabbalists wrote about. A person limits himself to observing traditional commandments, not wanting to take upon himself responsibility for the nations of the world and the soul’s correction. The necessity to think about it and worry about it all the time is difficult because it goes against the will to receive, and therefore, our egoism resists it.

Until the time of the Ari, it was enough to observe the corporeal commandments. But after the Ari, the opportunity for everyone to engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah opened up and became a duty, because only through it the correction of the world will come.2
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/19, “The Importance of Disseminating the Wisdom of Kabbalah to the World”
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