Loss Of Taste In The Work—An Invitation From The Creator

laitman_290To shift from feeling the reality of this world into the upper reality, called the future world, means to shift from reason to faith above reason, from receiving to bestowing. Although, it is impossible to explain anything here with words, just as it is to explain the existence of different sounds or music to a deaf person. But there are exercises with which we awaken the light that reforms that grants us the power of bestowal. We then gradually begin to think of coexisting with this force of bestowal, instead of the force of reception. This is possible.

When we try to unite, that is, to annul the personal egoistic desire in favor of the general desire to bestow to the group, our foundations begin to gradually change. Thus, we come to faith above reason, to a spiritual approach that lets us feel, understand, make decisions, and perform actions that begin and end not within our desire to enjoy but above it, that is, in the spiritual world.1

When we lose our taste for the work, we get angry and start blaming fate, the Creator, the science of Kabbalah, the teacher. We do not realize that it is exactly the loss of taste in the study and in the group that is the invitation to the spiritual degree where one works not for the sake of the animate, material, or egoistic reward, but for giving pleasure to the Creator.

Gradually, step by step, we get used to this work. The main thing is to realize that the loss of taste in the work or a positive attitude comes from above, from the Creator, directly to a person in order to tear him away from egoism and give him a certain freedom from egoistic pleasures, let him feel independent from his personal interests.

I feel myself suspended between heaven and earth because no pleasure appeals to me, I have no strength and do not see the point in advancing, life offers no fulfillment. This is huge help from the Creator who is tearing a person away from one’s egoistic intention, from this whole world.

Then, all that is left is to work without fuel, without egoistic motivation, only for the greatness of the Creator: to attend lessons, events, and to live in general. I try to exchange previous pleasures that carried the promise of egoistic reward for a new state where I do not want to envision future reward, but only to strive for adhesion with the Creator at every moment.

The feeling that I am doing something for the Creator right now gives me fuel for work, and in that moment I live. The very next moment, I must apply efforts all over again, and again, at every moment. This is how I will advance: the Creator will help disconnect me, cleanse me from my desire to enjoy, and then I will be able to work for His pleasure. This is what I will live for.

These moments, the states when we feel that we have no strength to go on living or acting, when the world gets dull and plunges into darkness with no promise of hope or fulfillment, are tremendous help from the Creator. This is how He tears us away from our reality, from this world, and gives us the opportunity to work for Him.

If the Creator does not disconnect us from the pleasures and fulfillments of this world, we would have no chance of reaching the spiritual degree. We would forever remain in slavery to the Pharaoh who would regularly pay us, and we would obediently work for this reward. Such is our life in egoism.

Thus, the separation from egoism—when we feel emptiness, powerlessness, hopelessness, lost—all these states make it possible to shift from reason to faith above reason, to the level of bestowal, when I decide that I will do everything for the sake of heaven, for the joy of the Creator.

We must perform these exercises that the Creator has prepared for us over and over again and be grateful to Him that we are finally rising from this world into the spiritual world, that we are now on the border line. We have to accelerate and increase such actions so that each of them would be a leap forward; it all depends on our connection to the environment, to the ten.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/19, The Work in Faith Above Reason

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