An Invitation To Ascend

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the world there is nothing bad except for our wild stubbornness, which we must correct within us. I would say not to correct even but to use it in the right way.

In a place where we find the Creator we discover His descent to us, and we need to thank Him for this, to embrace this characteristic and to try to go forward together with Him by accepting every disturbance as an invitation to ascend. The main thing in our work is the deed.

Now, when we are scattered throughout the world, we integrate with our groups, mix with those who are not with us, with our work, the study, with all the problems of life that pop up all the time. The main thing is to accept all of this as an invitation, that in spite of all the changes in the surrounding conditions, and to remain in the state that was at the convention. This is our first goal.

You are traveling from here to the airport, boarding the airplane, flying, and landing: your country, the language, the noise, the commotion, all of this is only intended to help you to connect even closer with the friends. Suppose that as of today we have attained a particular level of connection. We cannot attain a greater level. Therefore, we now need to add to it all kinds of disturbances in order to process them afterwards and to become even closer with their help.

It’s not important when our next approach will be, it doesn’t have to be the physical meeting of the next convention. But it will already be enough to discover not the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) but the Inner Light (Ohr Pnimi).

What we have attained now is something great. We have truly reached a single whole. We understand each other; we have no need for any further explanations. The gaps have closed with us, shared thoughts have appeared. All this is becoming something unified even emotionally and intellectually on a level that already speaks of an understanding of going forward.

We are together within the group for the Creator. And we are together outside of the group for all of humanity. If you talk with anyone in the world who doesn’t study our system but is involved with Kabbalah, with meditation, with mysticism, with Torah, it’s not important with what, you will discover that none of them have a clear understanding of a method for advancement towards the goal of creation, of the correction, like we have.

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