Keep The Inspiration

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we create a practical device based on the workshops that will help us after we disperse and go back to our homes?

Answer: I have already spoken about this practical device. Continue to hold yourself in that state in which we hold ourselves during the conventions.

It is necessary to try that the journey back home does not influence us. Nothing more is necessary, and even if the journey back is influential, we hold onto the connection. So then you cannot imagine how much our opposition will elevate us.

We need to hold onto that rope that raises us up during that later time when the environment—the entire world with its thoughts, deficiencies, and goals—pulls us back. Therefore, we need to hold more strongly to the group that is going forward so that those thoughts that pull us down will not tear us from it. Imagine a picture like this. Even if we hold onto a position for a short time, in spite of it all, we rise higher.

Precisely now, this movement forward will be realized in those people who will hold onto the group. I performed some work on you, and now it is your turn to work. Connect yourselves to the “fueling station,” and you will be filled with inspiration. Now, with the help of this inspiration that you received in potential, you need to realize it at least a little. Otherwise, it will dissolve with negative consequences.

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