A Loyalty Test

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to come near the Creator, we have to be equivalent in form to Him. In the place where we reveal the Creator, we will reveal His humbleness, His mercy, His descent to us.

He diminishes, minimizes, annuls, and subdues Himself before us, just as we do before our children when we play with them. We have to lower ourselves before children in order to connect with them, to play with them, and to serve them, although we also maintain all the options as adults.

The point is that if we received a certain portion of feelings of a certain revelation during our convention, some new feelings, it is only thanks to the fact that the Creator descended to us, was revealed before us on lower levels.

We have had great success even thanks to this minimal contact with Him, which brought about some positive changes in us. We don’t feel them yet, but we will feel it as negative changes in the future since this is the way we advance until the full revelation, until a person feels that everything becomes worse and worse, further and further away from spirituality. Unfortunately, many are caught on this hook, feel disappointed and leave.

This is the test of our unselfishness: Why do I want to attain the upper world? Is it in order to feel good or is it in order to really help all humanity ascend and thus delight the Creator? This is why we have to accurately clarify the reason we are on this spiritual path.

When we feel certain changes internally, it means that they occur because the Creator is getting closer to us, which means that He is lowering Himself. The point where we feel His intensified feeling inside us is the place where we reveal His descent, and we only have to exert ourselves so that this descent will not seem too free to us, and that we already know and understand everything. If this nonsense comes to a person’s mind he only loses as a result.

So we mustn’t forget that we have only started to feel what real advancement is at the point that we have attained: in the unity between us and in the collective work on ourselves in order not to be separated.

We must understand that we are constantly being played with, but with a good intention. No one wants us to fail, no one wants to push us downward, even what we call “the guards that are at the top of the King’s mountain,” are not actually trying to push us so that we will roll down. They are trying to hit us qualitatively, so that we will not fall but so we will simply discover the attributes that we still lack at the current point of our ascent.

If the Creator touches us with a certain question it makes us feel that we descend and encounter different problems in life, but it is only so that we will ascend and make the next step. There are actually no descents but rather a gradual revelation of opportunities of the rest of the ascent, and the guards are the Creator’s great helpers.

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