We Won’t Know Where to Run

293In the News (UN News): “A staggering 100 million people have now been forced to flee their homes globally, the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Thursday, highlighting worldwide food insecurity, the climate crisis, war in Ukraine and other emergencies from Africa to Afghanistan as leading causes.

“Every year of the last decade, the numbers have climbed,” said UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi. “Either the international community comes together to take action to address this human tragedy, resolve conflicts and find lasting solutions, or this terrible trend will continue.”

My Response: But it will be constantly renewed.

Question: The UN has the same conclusions: change the situation, establish peace and stability. The same words, and the number grows and grows. To what extent can it grow?

Answer: It is unlimited until all the people on Earth run in different directions. But where to? How to escape?

Question: So it will be bad for a person at his place of birth even if he is provided with everything?

Answer: In any state, for any person, it will be unbearable! Unbearable! And they won’t know where to run. They will simply run in panic in all directions; it won’t be known where and it won’t be known why. It will only be clear that you won’t be able to stay in the state that you are in.

Question: All of my conditions will be bad? What about the homeland? This is my language, I want to continue living here. Will it all disappear? Will a person not have it anymore?

Answer: It will disappear.

Question: And what will move us from our homes? Are you saying that even if there is no war and there are no events that move you, you will still move?

Answer: You will run, not knowing to where. “We live without feeling the earth underneath us.”

Question: And why? I understand that people are running away from bad. You say everyone will start migrating, everyone will start moving. Why?

Answer: It will be bad for everyone. That’s the feeling. From the depths of the Earth, from the depths of this ball, from inside, there will be some kind of hum, vibrations like: “Oooooooo!”—and everyone will tremble in unison and take off from their seats and will not know where to go.

Meaning, I feel bad here, it will be better there. I run there, it’s bad there, it will be better elsewhere. And like that non-stop for everyone, regardless of wealth, satiety, and so on.

Question: You say: “Everyone.” Will a Brownian-like motion begin?

Answer: Absolutely everyone.

Question: Will we start running around the globe? What are we all going to look for? A good life?

Answer: We are looking, in general, for calmness. Because the upper force exists in absolute calm. We strive for it unconsciously, but we cannot achieve it.

Question: What do you call calmness? For example, Finland is the happiest country, or Switzerland.

Answer: I think it won’t be for long.

Question: Even they will move?

Answer: Sure. But for them it will happen much slower.

Question: What is the calmness of the upper force that we want to match?

Answer: Calmness is movement in unison with the upper force. And then you’re at peace.

Question: What is it? Where is it moving to?

Answer: It doesn’t matter to where, the main thing is that you are with it.

It is always moving toward greater connection, interconnection, bestowal, love, merging, and so on. If you move with it in the same direction, it’s already good. And if you’re also trying to merge with it, to catch up with it, and stick to it like a baby to his mother, then you definitely feel good. We need this.

This is the final degree of humanity; there is no higher one. And nothing more is needed! That’s how the baby sticks to the mother; that’s it, he doesn’t want anything else. This is the safest, the calmest, the best condition. That’s it! This is what we will strive for.

But before that, we will have to be shaken thoroughly on the globe and look for how we can come to some inner peace after all. Because the rumble that will come from it from the inside will vibrate in us and we will not know where to escape from it! It’s a very scary feeling.

This rumble is a call of the upper force, and we will have to give in to this vibration. It will pass through us. It will force us to be in this vibration, to search for its source, its causes, and its purpose. And we will see that we have to follow it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/6/22

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