Rising Above Your “Beast”

560Comment: If I look at myself on the basis of my feelings, I begin to understand that some unpleasant transformations are taking place inside me. But if I look from some additional point, if earlier my “beast” was suffering, and I was ready to save it, now…

My Response: Now you understand that maybe this beast should be patient for a little while, and you will ride it. You are already beginning to study yourself from the outside!

Comment: But at the same time, there still is the association of myself with this beast and the attempt to find the strength to overcome this.

My Response: Yes, you still associate yourself with it and this state does not go away until the final correction.

The animate level that exists in us should be the basis for the spiritual degree. On it, I make my spiritual elevation. Until I have completely finished it, this level is underneath me.

Therefore, I must exist in the sensation of this body and this world until I fully come into contact with all people on the internal level to such an extent that I no longer need the level of today’s animalistic communication with them. Then this level will disappear.

It is depicted only in our feelings. The world is matter given to us in feelings. Therefore, this degree will disappear. We remain to exist only in the spiritual state and the corporeal states will catch up and enter spirituality as its components.

Literally from the very first degree of our spiritual ascent above corporeality, we will begin to understand that this world is imaginary. It does not exist, it is within us. It does not exist outside of our feelings.

I hope that humanity will quickly realize this. Science, philosophy, sociology, and psychology are already ready for this. I think that everyone will soon begin to understand this, and this will also help. The main thing is to start looking at yourself and at the world in this way, and this will come.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Secrets of Kabbalah” 2/11/13

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