This World Is Not An Illusion!

laitman_752_1Question: For a person who is immersed in the material world, the spiritual world seems like an illusion. Does the material world become an illusion for a Kabbalist who attains the spiritual worlds?

Answer: This world is not an illusion. It absolutely and clearly exists and must be treated as a reality. When it gradually begins to disappear from your sensation you can say that it is illusory. The wisdom of Kabbalah relates to everything materialistically.

Question: Does this world become an illusion for a Kabbalist? What does existence in two worlds mean?

Answer: For a Kabbalist, this world is not an illusion. I exist in this world. I have a wife, children, grandchildren, friends, students, and my egoism that I am working on. Existence in two worlds becomes possible when a Kabbalist, in addition to his egoism with which he was born and which has developed in this state, acquires additional possibilities for investigating the extent of creation found outside of the ego.

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  1. You said in Fantasies and Reality, Part 1 that what we see in this world is just an illusion but now you are saying this world in not an illusion. That is confusing.

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