The Pursuit Of Happiness

laitman_527_03In the News (Psychology Today): “Getting what we want brings us happiness, right? Wrong! We believe this and go in search of happiness as if it were something that could be ‘found’ or ‘obtained’ but it is actually something that we can and do; manufacture internally. 

“Dan Gilbert, a Harvard psychologist has run a series of workshops which explore the idea that whatever happens to us, we have the ability to synthesize (i.e. manufacture) happiness; it is not something we ‘find.’ …

“We are all able to manufacture our own happiness, to some extent and if we obsess too much about whether or not we are happy we may miss out on the experiences of living and relating to others that are likely to bring us pleasure and contentment. Happiness is not an end-goal, rather it is a by-product of a well-lived life where we love and connect to others.  So, instead of looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, start enjoying the rainbow instead.” 

My Comment: This is incorrect; this is purely Harvard University psychology. The fact is that happiness is in the effort, when people are already starting to feel the following excellent state.

For example, a person is going to get married in a month: He has a lovely fiancé; everything is wonderful; they are not only dreaming about getting married, but are implementing their plans and preparing for the festive day. Is the month before the wedding any less pleasant than the month after the wedding? No. The expectation of happiness is even greater because it is unlimited. After all, when a person expects happiness, it gives the person a huge frame, and when I receive it, the frame is sharply narrowed.

The expectation of happiness depends only on us, and only we dictate the scope of future happiness! It can inflate, expand, and be enjoyed all the time, and thus a person’s state can be limitless. So it is possible to create endless happiness and live within it.

But when I get it, it enters into a box and I begin to feel it within me. What was outside (Makif – surrounding) me, becomes internal (Pnimi). I limit it by myself within my emotions and in this way I distort it.

In my senses it is discovered a bit more here and a bit less there; there is separation, detachment, and so forth and this leads to its end. Happiness exists in movement toward what is desired.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 10/31/16

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