Critical Point of Human Development

222The state to which we are headed is predetermined by nature. It should be such that from the recognition of the inevitability and absolute helplessness, we would come to the conclusion that we have nowhere to run. What is left for us is only to jump out of our essence, out of our nature, to get out of it, to rise above it.

Egoism, which supplies all these problems for us, makes our life worthless, useless, and lately simply unbearable, is, as it is said in the Torah (Bible), “help against you.” Thus, it pushes us out of itself, like the Egyptian plagues that went through people and pushed them out of Egypt. This is how figuratively the development of humanity is presented in the Torah.

That is, attaining our egoism and revealing what an enormous problem it is for our existence will force us to abandon it and move to a different state where we will be connected with each other through other ties of brotherhood, mutual assistance, and kindness.

As a result, either by a good or a bad way, or through war, or through awareness, we still will reach the level of complete interconnection, will become harmonious with nature and absolutely balanced with it.

Then, in this ideal state of balance, we will find ourselves existing in a completely different form, at a level where eternity and perfection, like nature itself, are revealed to us. We will come to this anyway, but perhaps through bad development. Here is a very critical point in the development of humanity where Kabbalah may or may not play its positive role.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Europe Today” 1/26/11

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