Insidious Human Nature

115.05Question: What exactly should a person recognize as evil?

Answer: Our egoism, our attitude toward each other.

At all stages of development we used our will to receive because this is our nature. Now, however, it manifests itself as egoistic, as especially evil in relation to other people.

Everything in the world is built on in order to receive pleasure, not just at the expense of another when we earn together as partners or give each other pleasure as spouses.

A person receives pleasure precisely when he rises above the other, humiliates the other. This is where the last egoistic form manifests itself and to define it as evil, as the next form that should be opposite to it—good, love, connection over egoism, over hatred—this is a very difficult transition.

The wisdom of Kabbalah should help us understand this and go through this quickly and painlessly.

Comment: I think many people will disagree with you that we use others and humiliate them.

My Response: We do this automatically. We are attuned in this way and we do not even realize what we are in.

Even while having a pleasant conversation, each of us tries to be above the other, tries to position himself so as to look better, to present himself more favorably in order to capture the attention of others even just a little. Our entire nature consists of such veiled forms.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Fire Island” 1/1/10

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