Human Nature’s Request

546.04Question: Why are so many TV programs empty in content?

Answer: Today we are going through an intermediate stage. Once we were interested in the personal relationship between a man and a woman, social relations, some serious problems, the so-called classics: movies, operas, no matter what, but they were works of art.

There were not many of them, and that was enough for the people. They did not want to change things every day or watch a few TV shows every night.

Today a person suffers from the fact that he does not receive inner fulfillment, what his inner self requires. He is stuffed with all sorts of things. It is like an adult that is given porridge, while he needs a steak, vegetables, a glass of good wine. But there is none of it.

There is something childish, naive, stupid, starting from humor, satire, and ending with TV shows. I used to like to watch historical programs or travel channels about the world, beautiful places. But today this is also leveled.

In fact, the current human demand is much greater. It is a question of the meaning of existence. It is just suppressed. A person reaches a level where his suffering, emptiness, asks from within, “What do you exist for?”
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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