Human Nature: Peep And Eavesdrop

623Question: There is a phrase: “What is impossible to observe openly, a person observes secretly.” With the development of the Internet, the line between observation and peeping has been completely erased. What has always been hidden is open and accessible to everyone.

According to recent studies, this is defined as the experience of certain stimulating emotions that cause a person to develop. That is, he receives the strength that makes him go further.

Why do people like to spy on others?

Answer: Because at the same time a person, first, evaluates himself above others. This is the first impulse: they do not see me, but I see them. I’m kind of cooler than them, and that’s the most important thing. Secondly, maybe it gives him the opportunity to command them or somehow defend against them, etc.

But, in general, peeping is a great help to our egoism, which expands the ego and makes us feel like rulers, masters, owning circumstances.

Question: Is the feeling of such power good or bad?

Answer: This is neither good nor bad. This should lead us to reassess our values so that we understand that all our egoism, all our desires to be better, stronger, and smarter than others are wrong. After all, in the end, relative to nature, we act as one single whole—humanity.

To position ourselves correctly, we must unite among ourselves. And then we will be able to correctly manage our own destiny, nature, and the world. By uniting, we lower our selfishness and raise our altruism. Then we can truly rise above our selfish nature and will not abuse the idea of spying and eavesdropping.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 2/16/21

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