How Can You Correct Universal Egoism?

546.03Question: Some countries have adopted a law stating that a woman who has three or more children is considered to be a mother of many children and is supposed to devote herself to the family completely.

Why are there periods when the birth rate exceeds the death rate and vice versa when the death rate exceeds the birth rate?

Answer: It depends not on the conditions of our world, but rather on the period when a certain correction takes place in souls. Since our egoism grows and cannot remain in such a huge size in every person, it is like this person has to be divided into a few people. Then each of these people will have less egoism and they will be able to correct it. It is like in the example when we want to lift a trunk of a tree and since it is too heavy we call one more person and one more.

Question: Does it mean that legislation to stimulate the birth rate will not help if the souls will not have a necessity to divide the egoism into a great quantity of parts? It can still correct itself on its own.

Answer: Yes, of course. But on the other side, at the corporeal level, we have to act as usual following the principles accepted in the society. This way we will act on the spiritual principle as well. If people, based on their egoistic interests, want to have more children it will lead in the end to a greater amount of egoism that can be corrected at any given moment of time. Therefore adoption of such laws is still a beneficial thing.

For our egoism today we still lack a few billion people and the correct education. Then we would quickly be able to correct all universal egoism and come to the good state.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Outlaw” 12/19/10

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