Free Will Is Above Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we given the illusion of freedom in this world?

Answer: We consider ourselves free for as long as we do not think about it much and identify ourselves with our animate body. But if we rose above our body a little, we would see that it strictly obeys the laws and processes it is subject to.

I think it is up to me when to go to sleep and when to go to work. But who is it really up to? I am placed in certain conditions and given certain internal qualities. Meanwhile, our will to receive pleasure (desire) acts as an engine that works according to a simple principle: maximal pleasure at minimal effort, that is, maximal gain at minimal investment.

This is the calculation we perform at each moment of our lives, in every aspect, any direction, any place, and in relation to everything there is. This is how our nature works, taking into consideration various conditions: how tired and healthy I am, how big the danger and possible pleasure are, and so forth. Understandably, as such, we remain inside our ego, and there is no free will there.

We have to realize that free will is possible only if I control my desire and am above it. For as long as I remain in my egoistic nature, I will always be an obedient puppet, fully controlled by my egoism.

If, however, I wish to take control in my own hands, I have to manage my desire, rise above it. In other words, free will is possible, but only above desire. And the only question is: How do I rise above my nature, by what means?
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/10, “The Freedom”

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  1. If our ego is in control ‘our nature” everything is directed by it. If we rise above our ego (nature) we can ascend spiritually. What means do we have to do that?

    Can we choose to act in a way that violates our ego? Can we rise above or trick our ego with Lo Lishma to perform corporeal acts of connection? To force ourselves to take a step that violates our desire to be lazy, be alone, to be selfish? And by that action discover a sensation foreign to our own ego, the Creator?

  2. I still don’t understand how you have free will above the ego desire. Once you get that far along, are you really free to choose evil? Aren’t you kind of compelled to choose the good, providing that you want the goal that ego decided to pursue way back when?

  3. Excellent explanation, only when we accept a discipline of order we can be free, only when we accept the Torah “yoke” we can really connect with the superior way of understanding, and the discipline we acquired is transformed in part of us, then is no more a burden.

  4. We are free to choose the right thing to do. If we are disciplined we will choose the right, even if we go to a place where nobody knows us. Another light on the free will is that, yes we are free to do as we please. We will face the consequences, so I think that we have a somewhat limited degree of free will.

  5. I personal think that free will is the ability to choose any mental state and entertain any thought that we so desiere, knowing fully well that as night follows day the exercise of free will this way would yield its commensutrate result.

  6. I have people on my Facebook page they’re destroying my character, being disrespected for posting three video now what do you think, i need to do should i remain calm to ignore bad side of free will or should i respond to them

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