Everything Belongs to the Creator

740.02Question: Who originally owned the land of Israel? According to the Torah, seven nations used to live in it and they were subsequently captured by the Israelites who left Egypt. Earlier, it was also said that God Himself bequeathed this land to Abraham. How can you explain who owned the land?

Answer: There is nothing to explain here. Everything happened as it was everywhere, with all nations, at all times. So it was instructed by the Creator from above, and so they fulfilled their mission.

Comment: But the Creator instructs everyone in their own way. And you claim that whoever is stronger is right. If one captured the land, this is how it has to be.

My Response: So it was said by the great commentator, the medieval scholar Rashi: “The nations of the world will come and ask: ‘Why did you take away the land that belonged to us? You expelled the seven nations of the world who had lived here on this land, captured it, and since then you have considered it yours?’”

Rashi writes that there is a very simple answer to be given to this: everything belongs to the Creator, not to the nations of the world and not to Israel. And if the Creator transfers the right to some action or possession, especially since it is written in the Torah, then this is how we should accept it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/26/22

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