World Conflicts And Their Solution, Part 3 – And In Spite Of It All There Is A Way Out!

laitman_547_06On the background of the ongoing global conflicts, a big problem is appearing with Israel because everyone instinctively, inevitably points to us with a finger of blame. So, what can be done?

We simply need to explain to humanity what it has to come to, that there is only one solution here: unity. The world will begin to organize all kinds of boycotts against Israel until we feel ourselves in a besieged fortress from which it will be impossible to escape, with no where to run. They will stop trading with us. They will stop supplying us with goods and stop accepting our products as if we don’t exist. All the nations will join in this, and the Jews who live in those nations will support the boycott and become our worst enemies.

Everything depends on how much the people of Israel will understand what its unexpected salvation depends on. Moreover, this is not just salvation from the boycott, but from all of the futility of existence. Israel will be able to show everyone that there is a purpose to the world that is attained by going out to the next level of existence. We already have passed through the still, vegetative, and animate levels of development, and, even though we are now still on the animate level, the first signs of the next level, the human level (Adam, Edom l’Elyon,-  similar to the upper) are found in us, and we must get to it.

Here, we need to explain to the world the method for attaining the next level and realizing it practically because through our applying it to ourselves with the help of the entire world and by helping each other mutually, we can make Israel an example of the proper existence for all of humanity.

And humanity will happily accept this and understand that this is the solution to the problem, because a great demand for the role of the Jews and Israel in the world already exists. Implicitly this question lurks in every person, even if he has never felt it. And we need to reveal this to everyone. Only then will the world calm down.

I see all of this as a result of the worldwide boycott. Frankly, I am very happy that it has begun because it will arouse the people that everyone that has gathered against us; it will shake up the Jews all over the world. They will want to move away from us, not associate with us in any way, and we will remain isolated here.

Only the connection between us, which attracts the upper force to us, will change us. It will make us desirable in the eyes of the world, an example for all of humanity.

Through us, the world will see and understand its next state. Then, there will be no need to incite wars and annihilate people. There will be no need to try to invent a new economy to get out of the crisis. After all, the state that is seen in the world will be universal. We will begin to exist on the level of this world in the right way, and simultaneously we will go out to the upper world until we ascend into it completely, totally leaving our perishable body in our world, which also will disappear. The wisdom of Kabbalah talks about this, and, in fact, today we are on the threshold of this stage.

To be continued.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/3/15

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