World Conflicts And Their Solution, Part 2

laitman_272Question: Is there anyway out of the world’s conflicts?

Answer: There is no way out. The developed nations agree that people may kill each other, but not in their “garden,” somewhere further away, not in Europe, America, or Russia, but let’s say it is in the Middle East or in the Far East or Africa.

The challenge of Europe is to move the disputes and conflicts, their exacerbation and their so-called “solution” as far away from themselves as possible. The Americans feel and are trying to do the same thing; that is why they are heating up the military conflicts in Iraq, Yemen and other nations, so that instead of one world war, they arouse ten regional wars; that is how the world exists in the meantime.

Humanity constantly evolves, as it develops. It doesn’t build any long-term plans for itself, but designs everything so that tomorrow won’t be worse and that’s all. Those who manage the world understand how limited they are, and so what is important to them is not to get involved anywhere.

Ultimately, humanity will reach a situation where it will discover its absolute failure and will understand that it is inside the evolution of some forces of nature, that it doesn’t know how it is managed, and doesn’t know towards what they are heading.

In the past we agreed with this, and every day we tried to get along as well as we could. Whereas lately, we see how we have less and less influence on what is happening. There was a time when we thought that the Americans would run the world, but now they are coming down from the stage following the Europeans, the Russians, etc. This means that economic power doesn’t provide much in this case.

To be continued….
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/3/15

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