Ecological Dance

Laitman_702_01In the News (cherduk): “Earthquakes are capable of destroying cities within minutes; they move cities from their usual places, change the height of mountains, divert the axis of the Earth and slow its rotation.

“Earthquakes are caused for various reasons, but the most destructive are the tectonics, when two lithospheric plates move relative to each other. 14 plates cover the entire surface of the Earth. The plates are stuck onto each other, and when they move from their place, the energy released produces seismic waves and subterranean vibrations. That is how mountains and nations are moved.

“The latest earthquake (with a 7.5 magnitude) in Nepal, raised the height of Kathmandu by two meters. In Honshu, the earthquake, with a magnitude of 9.1, raised the island by 3 meters, and the entire area moved 20 meters to the East. There was an urgent need to change the navigational maps for ships.

“The movement of the lithospheric plates arouses the eruption of volcanoes. The force of gravity changes. Glaciers are destroyed. The skies tremble. Vertical oscillations on the surface of the Earth pass into the atmosphere, electrons are emitted from the molecules of gases, changing them into ions. The axis of the Earth is shifted; strong subterranean shocks influence the speed of the rotation of the Earth. The earthquake in Japan moved the axis of the Earth around which the mass of the Earth is balanced by17 centimeters. Due to the new and sudden distribution of the mass, the Earth began to ‘wobble’ more than usual during its rotation around itself like a turned head.

“The climate changes when the Earth’s crust cracks; methane, one of the strongest greenhouse gases, erupts from the cracks. Our planet is a very complex configuration (structure), whose many components are linked together by many reciprocal influences. They are so integrated and complex that it is impossible to create a plausible model, this would require a computer the size of the Earth. The Butterfly Effect, which is so much loved by science fiction, has been realized on the surface of our Earth every second for 4.5 billion years.”

My Comment: I suspect that this happens even throughout the entire universe, and only our shortsightedness doesn’t allow us to sense the full picture of this perfect system!

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