Entering The Land Of Israel

laitman_749_02Pharaoh (egoism) exists in us constantly. When we exited Egypt, we thought we escaped it, but it continues to control us calmly from within.

For that very reason, we need to wander through the desert for forty years so that, gradually, step by step, we can correct that quality in us—at least neutralize the egoism, connect it to Bina, and bring ourselves to a small state, wishing not to use the ego in spite of any temptations. We achieve this when we pass through the desert.

Therefore, it is written in the Torah that the generation of the desert must die, and a new generation will be born instead, where egoism will be corrected and connected to the quality of bestowal, but in a neutral form. We don’t transform egoism to bestowal yet, but it already exists under the control of the intention to bestow.

Going through the desert is completed when we completely have neutralized our egoism (bestowal for the sake of bestowal), but have not yet corrected it to altruism (receiving for the sake of bestowal), and entering the land of Israel (Eretz Israel: Ratzon – Desire, and Yashar El –  straight to God) means that we begin to process the desire that we already have made neutral, and we go to it in order to conquer and transform it.

After all, seven nations who live in the land of Israel remain there, and we need to throw them out of this land and become their captors, which means to check our desire.

Seven nations represent seven desires, the seven final Sefirot of Malchut that we need to conquer, expel from within us—that is, to neutralize, stop using, and throw them out of the boundaries of Israel. This is called the correction of Malchut.

We need to conquer this land, populate it, and begin to correct it with the weekdays and Saturdays—that is, with a consistent ascent, six years and the seventh year, and so on—using all the methods of correcting our desire, which is called “the land of Israel” (Eretz Israel).

That is the initial egoistic desire that the Creator created in such a way that the serpent of egoism enters us, and we work long and hard to realize it until we begin to relate to it as a foreign object inside us. We begin to hate it like an external force that enslaves and pushes us away from the Creator.

Only then do we see it as Pharaoh, rise above it, and escape it with the help of the upper Light since we lack the strength to do so on our own. But when we accept the Torah and begin to correct ourselves, extracting ourselves from the egoism, it means we enter the land of Israel and turn the quality of receiving into the quality of bestowal.

Then, Pharaoh becomes the greatest Light because the correction of the greatest egoism that we have turns it into a directly opposite quality, as it is written, “the angel of death becomes the angel of life.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/28/15

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