Secret Of Eternal Youth

laitman_751_1Question: Nowadays, everybody tries to look younger. This issue became so popular that a new industry that slows down the process of aging was launched: medicine, cosmetics, health and beauty centers. Why do we have this burning desire to stay young forever?

Answer: The thing is that we are confused and live a dual life. We live in our soul that is not developed yet and consists of a tiny “point.” We also live in our animal bodies and are not yet human.

“A man” is not about our body (a form of protein matter); rather, it is a desire similar to the upper force, nature. A man (Adam) means “similar (Domeh) to the Creator, i.e., the one who possesses an altruistic property of love and bestowal directed to one’s neighbor.

This type of man exits from his egoism and lives in a desire that he builds in his “neighbors.”

It makes “a man” similar to the upper force of nature that secretly exists in this world and is called “the Creator.” The Creator is a power of absolute bestowal and love without any intention for Its own sake, as the sun that constantly emanates warmth, light, love, and benevolence on everyone without exceptions.

We float in the benevolent illumination of the upper force as in tender rays of the sun. But our structure is opposite to the upper force’s. Our egoistic structure is oriented towards the will to receive. This is why we always try to get as much as possible; this fact makes us dissimilar with the upper force.

We constantly consume. That’s why our life is limited. It is so because first of all we depend on Him, He fulfills us and gives us vital energy. We stay alive for as long as we consume His vital energy and take advantage of it. With time, the energy weakens, we age and then die.

In order to live eternally, we have to become similar to the power of bestowal and love and get outside ourselves. If we manage to do so, we’ll be able to receive unlimited vital energy. It will happen because we won’t consume it for our own sake but because we will strive to repay the Creator all His benevolence that He extends to us. He gives it to us, we give it back to Him.

This form of existence allows us to live endlessly. Not only will we prolong our lives for hundreds and even millions of years, but we will be able to completely get rid of the boundaries of time. When we become similar to the upper force of nature that constantly pours love on us and acquire its properties of bestowal and love, we will become as eternal as the force itself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/2/15

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