Anti-Semitism Becomes Legitimate

Laitman_081In the News (from InoSMI): “Calls for the extermination of the Jews is a legitimate expression of criticizing the Jewish state. This statement, terrible in its meaning, was not announced by the Iranian leader and his allies in the organization ‘Hezbollah,’ and not even by the press service of the Hamas, but the spokesman for the prosecutor office in the Austrian city of Linz.

“Austria that gave rise to Hitler has reached a new level of insensitivity, cynicism and injustice. For the representative of the legal system, Israel is so unpleasant that the call for its destruction is considered as mere criticism, which it is quite legitimate.

“Accidental or deliberate statement of Barack Obama, as the US president, defined the Paris attack as an incident with the ‘accidental shooting at a group of people.’

“And the resourcefulness of the press service of the State Department seeks only to ensure that the anti-Semitic attack is not recognized, thus giving legality to the murder of people whose fault is that they are Jews. The US leader’s statement supports anti-Semitic sentiments, but based on the realities, it seems, they never disappeared.”

My Comment: Anti-Semitism is an imprint of the behavior of Jews: to the extent to which they fulfill their purpose, to lead the world to unity and adhesion with the Creator, to that extent, the world and the Creator treat us. And vice versa…

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  1. Truely worrisome and disgusting. Never again. It’s sad that jews feel the need to leave Europe since their contribution to the European state and it’s culture are self evident. Where the jews go, culture flourishes. They are gods living ark, guiding humanity.

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