The Customs Of Jews And Other Peoples

Laitman_167Question: Why are the customs of the Jews so different from those of other peoples?

Answer: The reason is in the attitude, the meaning of existence. With the Jews it is the discovery of the Creator, the upper world, eternal movement.

And from here is derived the amazing difference in burial. With all the peoples the person continues his earthly existence after death, so together with him are sent all kinds of things from his earthly life to the world after death: tools, clothes, money, jewelry, servants and so forth.

With the Jews burial is simple, only simple white clothes, the same for everyone, for the poor and for the rich. The person doesn’t take anything with him except the deeds that he did. This shows the attitude in Judaism towards life and death, and from here also are the reasons for differences in the rest of the customs.

This is because the Jewish people were created and appeared for spiritual reasons, motives, and goals; they were created artificially, taking upon themselves an “unearthly” law of love of others. The rest of the peoples were created and appeared naturally, from families, tribes, with their natural egoistic development.

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