Practical Results Of The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

laitman_214Question: Which practical results does the wisdom of Kabbalah bring to us?

Answer: We are surprised, why in the world does everything “somehow happen not the way we would want”; we don’t understand why our actions constantly cause negative results and reactions.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that the reason for all of our failures is that we don’t take the conditions into account, that all of our actions pass through a “block” that is called the “goal of creation.”

Through our actions, or more correctly through our intentions, we send signals to it. And to the same degree that these signals are compatible with the program of creation, they influence us with positive actions. And to the degree of the incompatibility with the goal of creation, they influence us with negative actions (an opposite negative correlation).

As long as we have not absorbed and understood this system of the management of creation, bringing creation to a goal, we receive unexpected and unpleasant events without understanding that this is a reaction to our activities.

The wisdom of Kabbalah reveals the organ that manages this to us, and we learn through working with it, correcting our actions according to its program, and eliminating any unpleasant surprises.

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