“Allah Gave This Land To The Jews…”

laitman_933From the News (mignews.com): “Jordanian religious scholar Sheikh Ahmad Adwan says that ‘Palestine’ does not exist. Adwan says that God gave the Holy Land to the Jewish people ‘until the Day of Judgement.’ Sheikh writes: ‘I want to say to those who distort the Koran: where did you get the name of Palestine? You liars, you cursed, when Allah has called it the “Holy Land” and gave it the children of Israel until the Day of Judgement. There is no such thing as Palestine in the Koran.’ Sheikh writes further: ‘Your claim to the Land of Israel – are fake and are an attack against the Koran. And because you will not succeed, and Allah you will not support you, and Allah humiliate you, because Allah has taken the protection of the Jews.’ Adwan said: ‘I support the Jewish people because my belief in their sovereignty over this land comes from the knowledge of the Koran. It is emphasized in many passages in the Koran, such as Sura 5, where Allah says: “O Children of Israel enter the Holy Land which Allah has given you.” Adwan indicates that ‘the Jews are peaceful people and when they have to defend themselves, they try to cause minimum damage to the attacker. ‘ Adwan said: ‘It is great honor for them, that God chose them out of all the other nations, the worlds of people and the world of demons until the Day of Judgement. And when Allah chose them, it was not without reason, and it was not for any other people, but it was just for the Jews.'”

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  1. Fascinating. First this makes you want to read all the holy books. Secondly it makes you think that if only everyone actually did this, in the correct frame of mind, and with the correct teaching there just might be a whole lot less discord in this world. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who actually enjoy, and profit from, war. Rarely are they the victims of the aftermath.

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