Selfless Bestowal

laitman_238_02Question: How can we be sure that we are putting the Creator first since our group has grown in number? Where is the guarantee that we won’t become idol worshippers and will advance exactly towards the Creator? How is it possible to check this?

Answer: Putting the Creator first means that there is nobody and nothing other than the power of bestowal and love in the world. It is a power! It is property! It is the only thing that determines and manages everything. And now you raise it above everyone and put it first.

This indicates that you now understand that the entire world is subject to this power alone and exists within it. It is only He who manages it and and leads it wherever He wants. If you want to be harmoniously linked to Him, you must try to attain this characteristic.

Question: What is this “selfless bestowal”? After all, aren’t we aware of love only through our desire to receive?

Answer: “Selfless bestowal” is when I give something without knowing what and to whom, in relation to my ego. Can you imagine how much this is detached from that?

Suppose that I am a millionaire and I donated a million dollars to help in Africa. But nobody in the world knows about this. But I know it and am pleased. This is not selfless bestowal because I know that I gave, and somewhere subconsciously the thought is going around: “And the Creator knows that I did it for the sake of the world.”

This is not selfless bestowal. It means that I know to whom, how much and what I gave. So here there is a connection with me. But if you cut off all three connections so that you don’t know what, to whom, and how much you gave, and in addition, the Creator doesn’t know anything about it, then this will be selfless bestowal.

As you gradually approach it, the spiritual world is revealed to you. Your state is called Hafetz Hesed (absolute mercy, or not desiring anything for oneself).
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/10/14

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