The Execution Of A Shiite Cleric

laitman_538Comment: The execution of the Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr in Saudi Arabia led to a great scandal in the Arab world. In response, the enraged public totally destroyed the Saudi embassy building in Iran. Consequently the two countries severed diplomatic relations and the hatred between them is now greater than their hatred toward Israel.

Answer: The infighting is the toughest and this conflict has been going on for ages! It is not the fundamental differences between the Sunni and the Shiites but the grievances that have accumulated over the centuries: who has done what to whom and who killed whom. All of this applied layer by layer results in a huge pile of hatred.

Comment: You often say that the reason is the disappearance of the Sufi movement.

Answer: In Judaism there is also a split into different religious streams because the human ego, which doesn’t yearn for one unique Creator, is involved, and it makes no difference whether you call Him Allah, God, or the Creator. The point is that the Creator is one and you should yearn for Him and not for clarifying our relations.

If we aim our thoughts at the one Creator and only seek connection with Him and His attainment, everything will be very simple. All the religions will merge into one wisdom called Kabbalah, which is the revelation of the Creator in our world.

But in order to do so, we have to work against the ego. We can only reveal the Creator in the attribute that is opposite from our nature and no one wants that. We would rather fight and quarrel for centuries than change our nature. It turns out that the most important thing for a person is to remain inside his ego, and this is the root of all the conflicts and disputes. This is the reason that we have to teach the wisdom of truth and to disseminate it, publicize it, and allow people to gradually receive this wisdom and teach them to strive for the single unified force.

There is another way of reaching the truth, but it is a path of terrible afflictions and wars. How long will it take for humanity to grow wise along the path of its internal development? After all, this has been going on for thousands of years.

We need to bring this wisdom to the world, to demonstrate, and bring all to a common denominator because we all have one Creator.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/4/16

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  1. , thanks again my man, for this great read. i really enjoyed it and added my own comment which was ((Myself I’m a sunni Muslim but if this blog and discussion, and this Kabbalistic affiliation, are all about being honest, then I shall honestly denote the very long trail of sunni persecution of the Shiite throughout the history of Islam. The only Shiite who were not persecuted by sunni were those of the Safavid State and their descendants in the ancient Khurassan. The shocking fact about this horrid everlasting situation between the two main sects of Islam is that the word “Shiite” in its historical context refers to a group of sunni supporters of “Ahlulbait” (the Prophet Mohammed’s family and his descendants”. In the early stages of the concept of Shiism, the group of Muslims it included were the majority of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions and the descendants of those companions, to a degree that the rightful sunni Islam those days was Shiism. The opposing trend that time was not known as sunni Islam but rather as “Nawasib” which was constituted by the Umayyad state in modern day Syria and their allies. They were the ones who decapitated the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (Hussain) who’s regarded by the today’s Shiite as the second major pillar in their sect after his father Ali (prophet Mohammed’s son in law).)) it will show up after moderation. hope it makes some sense.

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