Completing The Energy Of Life

Laitman_631_2Question: Is it possible for a person to make up for his loss of vitality by using a higher power or other sources?

Answer: It is possible and necessary! When a person begins to engage in developing his soul, he receives enormous energy from the upper force of nature. Of course he undergoes difficult states like disappointments, weakness, etc., but eventually due to his perseverance and the importance of the goal, he acquires a tremendous force called the love of others, the need to exist for the sake of others.

A person feels that he has exhausted the corporeal desires of this world and at the same time recognizes his connections with people from the love of others that he has acquired. He develops and he can continue to live in this world together with the feeling of the upper world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/08/15

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