Everything Stems From Egoism

959Question: There are two main principles of virtual communities.

First: free horizontal connection, everyone can communicate with everyone without an intermediary.

Second: an opportunity for everyone to find their own place, that is, to become a completely different person, not like in reality.

Do you think these principles will help a person in personal or spiritual development? After all, today we have the opportunity to communicate with everyone, and I can communicate with millions.

Answer: On the one hand, this certainly is a good thing. But the point is how we use it. You are talking about technical capabilities. But what do they contain? That is the problem.

Question: The Internet allows a person to act as if from a distance, without being physically present in society, and make some contacts, interactions, communication. Is this a manifestation of the growing egoism?

Answer: Everything stems from egoism, there is nothing else here. We must understand that we cannot escape from ourselves, from our nature. As soon as we start to correct it systematically, we will naturally come to a qualitatively new type of connection between us.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/7/20

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