Preparation Of Egoism For Future Changes

294.2Question: Why has it taken humanity such a long time to get to equitable conditions and equality of all before the law? Also, although it is not spiritual equality, do you still see some progress in this?

Answer: Yes, I do see some progress. It has taken humanity such a long time to get to the current state because we work with egoism. At the lower stages of its development, egoism is really impenetrable. It has taken thousands of years to somehow prepare it for future changes.

We do not yet feel these changes, but soon they will begin to manifest themselves. We will see how at different stages of human development, at different historical stages, we were preparing ourselves for these changes. We can get through them.

The fact that everything has been distributed in such a way over time only indicates that nature understands who it is dealing with and knows how to do everything according to the law of its intrinsic development.

It is necessary to gradually bring egoism to an awareness of the need for ethical, moral, and eventually spiritual changes.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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