Uniting For The Sake Of Uniting

275Question: There is a law that  a person in a crowd falls under its influence. He begins to lose control of himself and can easily lose his “I.” But why, when I am in a group of people who want to unite and reach a new level of attainment, this law doesn’t seem to apply?

Answer: Because egoism does not push you to unite, you must act against it! And you enter the crowd with your egoism and realize it like everyone else. It’s very simple, very easy.

Any person who joins a crowd becomes like it. He finds justification for his egoism, feels big, great, like the crowd. It is very difficult, almost impossible, to be in a crowd and not obey it.

Comment: But I spend a lot of time among people who want to unite for the sake of unity. And they don’t influence me.

My Response: This isn’t a crowd! The crowd is an egoistic rabble who decides to combine their individual egoistic impulses for some even greater gain. And so it goes, breaks, hits, and rampages. It affects your egoism, and you start acting like them. The crowd drags you along.

And when you want to unite for the sake of unity, it’s a completely different matter! You are part of a group that works to rise above its ego, to annul it, to deny its animal nature. There is a lot of work going on here. An outsider won’t even know what you’re doing.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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