The Meaning Of Life Is Here And Now

222Question: Many different schools of self-improvement offer such concepts as living consciously, living in the present moment. They promise that this state will allow you to enjoy life, feel it more, and manage it. How does one live exactly here and now?

Answer: Begin to comprehend the meaning of life here and now. Nothing else is needed! I want to comprehend the meaning of my existence, the connection with an upper force that controls me.

And we are governed by nature; it is the highest power. Let’s comprehend what it requires of us at every moment of time, how we can be with it in mutual connection, in such communication so that I understand how nature affects me and how I should react to it correctly.

Then my life will be full of meaning. In nature I will find a partner and begin to feel my interaction with the outside world here and now.

Question: Does this aspiration somehow neutralize thoughts about the future?

Answer: I want this future to be embodied now, on the spot, here. This is my future.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 11/6/20

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