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laitman_232_10Question: Judging by what happens in nature, balance and unity will not come soon, and I want to live well here and now. What must I do? Will I get to feel harmony in this life?

Answer: It depends on how you understand the concept of harmony. If you intend to watch a series on television while sitting in a warm chair in front sipping juice or beer or having a comfortable life within a circle of family and friends, then maybe you can attain this.

But if you have a need for a higher state, then it is a problem. In our world, you will not be able to find satisfaction for that.  If you wonder about the meaning of life and begin to think that you will get old and eventually die, and your life is senseless, if you have to answer the question “Why do I exist, still young?”, if you develop sufficiently, then you cannot shut your eyes and be satisfied with physical pleasures.

You look at the whole perspective and see that basically you are living like a little animal. Is there a way out of this? You begin to explore and reach the conclusion that, as far as it seems, there is a way out because nature is eternal and infinite. It is perfect. So, how can you attain this perfection within yourself?

At this stage, opportunities open in front of you, bringing you to a system of knowledge called the wisdom of Kabbalah. It tells you about how you can attain, now in this world, knowledge about the whole of nature and about what is above our world, how to enter into this realm, find the source of life, and see all the states beyond time and space.

The wisdom of Kabbalah makes all of this possible for you. So, you begin to think that maybe it is worthwhile for you to dedicate part of your life to learning this wisdom.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/8/15

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