Blood – The Life Force Of The Body

Laitman_509Midrash Rabba, Parshat “Balak”: When Balaam was advisor to the Pharaoh in Egypt, he advised the leader of Egypt to bathe himself in the blood of Hebrew children. He also insisted that Pharaoh should throw all newborn Hebrew males into the Nile.

The ego needs to get its vital force from the Creator that moves through the blood because the blood is the spiritual force of the body. As a person’s blood is the force that animates the body, the Upper Light also breathes life into the spiritual body and is called blood.

Therefore, the left line, which embodies Balaam and all of the nations of the world, advises Pharaoh to stand against Israel, which is the right line, and then connect with the Creator, the middle line.

Basically, Pharaoh represents superficial egoism. He would put a golden crown on his head or fill a pyramid with everything that he would need for the afterlife, and nothing else. This world with all its gold satisfies him.

But this is not enough for Balaam. The ideological forces like Balaam, such spiritual strength, are above egoism to a particular degree, so Balaam could talk with the Creator.

His essence is derived from the same upper source as Moses. It is possible to say that they are moving against each other: Moses is from the side of the Light, and Balaam is from the side of desire. These forces must be in alignment, matched, but this cannot happen except in a serious battle between Gog and Magog.

Then Balaam and everything below him must be defeated. This means that the ego, with its intention for its own sake, will die and no longer be able to use or even retain this intention for its own sake.

Question: What does Balaam’s advice to Pharaoh, to bathe in the blood of Hebrew children, mean?

Answer: The ego must begin to receive the life force from the Creator, which is symbolized by the Hebrew children, and Balaam wants to turn this power of Light toward himself and Pharaoh.

He insists that all of the newborn Hebrew boys must be thrown into the Nile. Boys symbolize the power to overcome the ego, the masculine side. Egypt symbolizes the power of the entire ego, and the Nile is its life force.

Thus, if the Nile is filled with blood, then the power of Din (Judgment) comes wherein the ego no longer can exist. Therefore, all vitality in the Nile dies.

It turns out that the life-giving force is filled with the characteristic of Din; no life force comes from above; there is no white Light, and the characteristic of Bina disappears. With this, Egypt is finished and dies.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/5/15

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