The Day When Doctors Will No Longer Be Needed

568.01In the News (Medical Xpress): “More than half of French nurses are close to burning out, according to a survey of nearly 60,000 of them published on Sunday, which found they were struggling with cancelled holidays and increased work due to coronavirus.

“The survey carried out by the national French nursing union found that 57 percent of respondents reported being in a “state of professional exhaustion”, up from 33 percent before the global COVID-19 pandemic struck France early in 2020.

“The findings underline the strains being felt in the healthcare sector in Europe, which came under unprecedented pressure during the first wave of infections and now faces another surge in admissions. …

“More than a third of nurses saying their departments were understaffed compared to normal, and two thirds saying working conditions have deteriorated since the start of the pandemic.

“One in five nurses said they had been unable to take a holiday since March.

“‘While there are 34,000 vacant nurses’ positions at this time in 2020… the degraded working conditions mean we risk seeing even more nurses throwing in the towel,’ the union said in its statement.”

Question: How can it be that people are shooting themselves in the foot? Isn’t it clear that first and foremost we need to support the medical staff who are on the frontlines, as we say?

My Response: There is a plan in nature that operates so that everyone will eventually recognize that within their own nature they don’t really care about anyone. People are so narrow minded that they don’t think about others but only about themselves, and nothing else interests them.

Question: Are you actually referring to the self-importance of state leaders?

Answer: I am speaking about everyone, no matter who.

Comment: But how can it be that government officials aren’t deciding that they need to pay the medical staff first, to double their wages, since they are at the frontlines, after all, they may also need to be hospitalized.

My Response: They will surely receive proper care, don’t worry.

Question: Does this mean that those who take care of them are well paid?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Should we still think about supporting these workers and giving them more?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the reason that this doesn’t happen the same mechanism that is operating here?

Answer: Yes, our head does not operate in this direction, and instead we think that if they are already working, let them continue to work and we will come up with some more laws and so they will not be able to break free of this job.

Question: Does this mean that we will enslave them?

Answer: Of course. But I think that all this will stop because the workers will no longer come to work, and what will we do then? You cannot force them.

Question: Is a quiet strike their last resort?

Answer: Of course. “I don’t agree with my work conditions.” If this happens in an organized manner, the state will do whatever necessary.

Here we reveal once again that our ego stands in our way of organizing a normal friendly society that is connected and cares for everyone as one family. We cannot even do that in one state.

Comment: We see that the ego enters even humanistic professions…

My Response: We will see how egoism stands in our way in the most critical points. Even if you wish to gather these people to talk, to raise their wages, to pass certain laws, you will not be able to do that!

According to The Book of Zohar a person cannot concede his ego, even when he faces death, and the angel of death brings a sword with a drop of poison to his mouth, a person cannot refuse, and wants to swallow this poison, this egoistic pleasure, and so he opens his mouth and swallows the poison and everything comes to an end.

Question: So according to The Book of Zohar, does this mean that there is no way out?

Answer: There is a way out, only if we all draw the upper light unto ourselves together. It will correct everything.

Question: If this state brings to us the recognition that we are destroying ourselves, and in order to save ourselves we need to become one family, one connected state, will people agree to that?

Answer: Only if everyone agrees together! That’s the whole problem. We need to eradicate the hatred between people and take this whole matter seriously. If we want it for the common good, then it will work out, and no one will be harmed!

It will come, and will not disappear! People will begin to speak about it more and more, and then they will realize that they don’t have the power to bring this state about. Then they will think about where they can get the powers to do so, how to find such powers. We will be able to find these powers only if we create groups of tens, small groups in which we will find the common force of connection. Thus we create the Creator, as it says.

The Creator is the good force that is between us. Even if we are egoists, we still yearn for unity above egoism and then we build, create, and generate the Creator between us. Otherwise He does not exist.

We begin to generate this force between us from literally from scratch, from nothing, from a vacuum.

Question: Does one small group generate the Creator, and another small group generates the Creator, and thus many such “Creators” are born?

Answer: Yes, and then these groups unite as one so that each move they make is toward unity. This is how one Creator above everyone is eventually created. What is this Creator? The attribute of love and bestowal. It is so simple to reveal Him through such actions.

Question: Does the process begin in small groups?

Answer: In small groups of not more than ten people.

Question: Is this the number of people that you can learn to love?

Answer: Yes. It is not a simple process at all, but it will take place since we have no choice. When we reach this state there will be no need for nurses, for medical staff, and everyone will have whatever they need.

Question: Does this mean that you see that in this state society will be healthy and people will be healthy and will not need hospitals?

Answer: Absolutely healthy.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/15/20

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