Prayer For Yourself

249.03Comment: Kabbalah says that when a person prays for himself (in principle, this is natural for an ordinary person), it is a sin.

My Response: If a person thinks about himself, then he kind of separates himself from the rest and does not get closer to them. Naturally this distances him from the Creator because the Creator sees us all united in one common whole, as we were before the division into separate individuals.

Question: The Creator does not think about Himself? He does not have such thoughts?

Answer: First, He does not think about Himself. Second, He does not think about each person because He feels us as a whole.

Question: Let’s say I am looking at a person. He consists of billions of cells. I am not addressing a cell, I am addressing an image. And like this the Creator does not see us individually?

Answer: In no way! He does not make even the slightest calculation with a single person. He created us in an egoistic quality in which we feel ourselves existing separately from one another, opposite to Himself,

Question: And what should I understand from this? That the Creator does not consider me at all? He does not even know I exist?

Answer: Whether He knows or not is another matter entirely. He does not take into account your personal individual movements except for the movement toward drawing closer to Him through drawing closer to others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 11/19/18

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