Why Do We Need Prayer?

laitman_942Question: We conduct our main work in a ten, which is considered the main tool for understanding the Creator. Why then do we need prayer?

Answer: You cannot do anything yourself in a ten. You should try to get together with others, check your progress, and see that you cannot succeed in anything. And then you turn to the Creator.

You show Him, “Look, we are in the ten trying to get together, but nothing works for us,” then He helps you. That is, you need a ten for a prayer, for a request to the Creator, so that He helps you, and you, united, come to connection with Him.

You must present this ten to Him saying, “We have done everything, but we see that nothing will succeed without You.” And then He will fulfill your request. This is how it works.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/12/19

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