Paths To The Question Of The Meaning Of Life

 202Question: Why do Jews and the nations of the world come to the question of the meaning of life in different ways? The peoples of the world come to it from more of a quiet life, when everything is good for them, they have everything, and the Jews from suffering.

Answer: This comes from the fact that the nations of the world reach satiation and discover emptiness in themselves.

This is how ordinary egoism develops: it tries to fill itself all the time and because of thousands of years of effort concludes that it cannot be filled. What to do next? There is no reason to live. As a result, there is oblivion in drugs, suicide, divorce, in general, anything.

In addition, they are driven forward simply by curiosity, the crisis of all sciences, the insularity of this small world.

As for the Jews, it is very difficult to return to their original state again because of their complex internal hierarchical structure, which they absorbed and stayed in for 3,000  years. Because the spiritual tower they created in themselves and lived according to the laws of love and feeling spirituality now has turned within them into the opposite.

As a result of spiritual attainment, visions, sensations, all this turned into religion, into dogmas, into the mechanical fulfillment of the commandments, as in other religions that took their foundations from Judaism. They say that for the simple physical fulfillment of traditions, you will receive a future world after death and you do not need anything else.

But in the end, we see that the nations of the world will put pressure on Israel until they force it to turn to Kabbalah, reveal it for themselves, show an example to the whole world, and then teach this.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion” 12/11/09

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