Element Of Nature That Requires Correction

707Comment: Numerous experiments show how much a person who looks after plants influences them with his thoughts.

My Response: A person influences not only plants and animals with his thoughts, but even stones. We just cannot examine it yet.

There is such absolute interconnection and such absolute interaction between all parts of creation that if we saw this network of forces, we would find that only we humans are a negative, harmful element in this system of forces.

Neither inanimate, vegetative, or animate forms of matter have freewill, there is no egoism in them. They exist according to the laws that nature has embedded in them. Humans, however, thanks to their freewill and their egoism, become the only harmful parts of nature.

Question: Where is the freedom of will of a person here? Animals act on the basis of instincts and people according to the will to receive, to use others.

Answer: Freewill begins today when we become convinced that our previous path was flawed. At the same time, the desire for something higher is revealed in us, the desire to go beyond this world, to rise above it. This “higher” should reveal itself to us.

Kabbalah helps in this. This is the only way we can correct ourselves.
From Kab TV’s “Close-Up. Reference Point” 9/9/09

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