A Tool For Revealing The Upper World

209Question: If there is none so wise as the experienced, how can the text that describes the structure and mutual connection between spiritual bodies help me?

Answer: Kabbalistic texts are not meant to make you wiser. Not at all!

That text was written by a great Kabbalist who has been through this path. All of us, including you and me, have to undergo this path whether we like it or not, either in this lifetime or in our future reincarnations.

By reading what a Kabbalist wrote we summon the upper energy to us, the upper light, the good inclination, that ties us and brings us together.

We don’t understand this and sometimes we even feel that such an impact makes us feel repulsed by each other, but it is a temporary effect of start and stop, of going back and forth, which pulls us out of the dormant state that we are in so that we will begin to really get closer to each other and to the Creator.

So reading books is a tool for drawing the upper force, the upper light, so that it will unite us. In the unity between us we begin to attain the upper world, to see it like we see a movie, but more clearly, more emotionally, in our internal attributes. Can you imagine this? The movie is projected from inside you and you take a direct part in it. This is how the revelation of Kabbalistic texts works.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 8/18/19

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