Humanity’s Development under the Influence of Spiritual Energy

214Question: You said that all suffering is brought into the world not by the quality of receiving, but by the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator. What does this mean?

Answer: If the Creator did not interfere with us, we would simply live without developing. When the quality of bestowal comes into our world, it begins to constantly spur us on. It is because of it that the quality of receiving grows in us.

Without this, we would remain animals and everything would be fine. But since the Creator wants to draw us closer to Him so we become like Him, He always sends us an illumination that develops us.

As the dough rises because of yeast, so do we constantly grow in our egoism under the influence of external spiritual energy, more and more, until we break out of this pan like dough. Then we begin to brew, like it is happening now when we do not know what we are living for or what to do with ourselves next.

Thus, the upper light, the quality of bestowal, brings almost all suffering into our world. On the one hand, the Creator created evil in the world. On the other hand, even this evil, which is us egoists, He does not leave alone, He constantly develops us to greater and greater evil until we realize it and want to break free of it at all costs.

I hope this will happen in our time because today we can already teach and spread Kabbalah everywhere, we can tell everyone about globalism, about the universal connection between us, about the need to unite, to overcome egoism, and to rise above it, which is something that we had no right to do in prior generations because we had not yet revealed the global nature.

Today, we can already hope that our next steps will be conscious and therefore sweetened by us. We will feel all further development is correct, convenient, and successful, and we will participate in it voluntarily and will prevent undesirable events. That is, we will keep developing but not under the influence of blows.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Branch of Sakura” 5/15/11

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