When The Messiah Arrives

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Zohar, Introduction, Article “The Vision of Rabbi Hiya,” Item 57: At that time, the Messiah comes to Rabbi Shimon’s seminary crowned with high crowns from the heads of the seminaries.

…Now, however, after all those members of the seminaries have been rewarded with the degree of heads of seminaries, the Messiah was crowned with the Torah of the heads of seminaries. It follows that he is crowned with the highest crowns from the heads of the seminaries.

This passage talks about spiritual degrees within a person who discovers his inner structure. His entire inner construction is his collective desire (will to receive pleasure), divided and arranged by spiritual degrees (levels), capacities to bestow.

He has the structure of the world of Atzilut. Within this outer design, there are more internal structures according to the levels, from inside out, of Shoresh (root), Neshama (soul), Guf (body), Levush (garment), and Heichal (chamber). As in the corporeal world, there are still, vegetative, animate, and speaking (human) levels.

There is no difference between the material and spiritual design. Our material form is a mere projection of our inner properties that are painting a certain picture within us, just as we see this world before our eyes right now when, in fact, it is our inner reflection.

Getting to know my inner spiritual structure, I witness how, by way of transformations performed on me by the Light, all my properties become elevated from being “members of the seminaries” to the “heads of seminaries,” from the Messiah who has come from a certain level to the Messiah at a more exalted spiritual degree. Suddenly, I see Rabbi Shimon, the rung that hasn’t revealed within me before.

All of these are the degrees in a person’s soul, all the forefathers and their sons: Hesed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. This explains how a person learns the design of his soul in more thorough details, wherein he discovers a great measure of bestowal in various forms. This is what we call getting to know the Creator.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/10, “Introduction from The Book of Zohar,” Article “The Vision of Rabbi Hiya”

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