Love That Is Stronger Than Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the Song of Songs, King Solomon’s every sentence literally is filled with allegorical meaning. For example, the expression “Closed garden, my sister, my bride, secluded fountain, a sealed spring.” What does it mean?

Answer: It is an attempt to open the concealment, not allowing the bond to be reached. Otherwise, love will not reach its full height. Without it, the seed will not be blessed and there will be no emanation without this bond.

Question: “I sleep, but my heart is awake.”

Answer: This is the reason they do not immediately reach the bond: there is absolutely no need for it. My heart is awake, but my desires and all the vessels are not awake.

Question: How can love awaken?

Answer: Through various activities, he knocks on the door, she opens the door late, he is gone, and she runs after him, etc. “The song” ends with the lover allegedly filling the whole world. And where is their real embrace, connection, and bond?  Allegedly it is not there. The Song of Songs tells about everything, but this is only the opening. Discovery of the nature that exists in perfection is ready for an embrace and bond, and we are in front of this nature.

Question: What is the “kiss”?

Answer: There are different types of connections between those who love and their beloved ones. This includes the embrace, which is divided into a hug from the left and a hug from the right. Together they form the perfect embrace. Then there is a kiss, the connection at the mouth. This connection is still not complete, since a full bond is a fusion of bodies.There should be embracing, kissing, and bonding.

Question: There is a special viewpoint regarding the “Song of Songs” as a description of love between the people of Israel and the Creator. How should we look at this story: both the man’s love for his neighbor and a man’s love for the Creator?

Answer: Actually this is the answer, “from the love of creatures to love for the Creator.” What does this mean? If I set my disposition of love towards everything that surrounds me, then eventually I reach the same disposition to the whole of nature, which is the Creator, the higher force. All of nature is above me; I’m in it, and we are all in it.

Question: “For as strong as death, love as the grave is a cruel jealousy; its arrows are the arrows of fire! Many waters cannot extinguish love and floods cannot drown love, and if a man would give all his household goods for love, then he would be branded in contempt.” What kind of love is it that is stronger than death?

Answer: All of our good and bad properties, everything that exists in the nature of good and bad forces, the plus and the minus, the heat and the cold, pressure and vacuum; it all gets replenishment. Achievement of the very end, a complete fulfillment of the opposing forces of nature, the fact that in nature there is always one against the other, is the purpose of the whole creation.

This is called the “Song of Songs.” The Song is a non-egoistic love of creations in mutual bestowal, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” The Song of Songs is the achievement of love towards the Creator or love towards all of creation, when a person exits oneself and is literally located everywhere!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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