Emitting The Light Through Our Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we look at our life in this world, it seems as if we are forced to spend many hours on unnecessary activities. Life is arranged in a wasteful manner with so many hours spent on sleep, food, work, and family. A person is left with some nuggets of time at the end.

Some people calculate and figure out that they have only a few moments remaining out of their entire life and are unclear why they live their life..

But on the other hand, we understand that our entire material life is built in accordance with spiritual roots. In our world there is nothing that would not have been a consequence of the higher world, since all material branches derive from their higher spiritual roots.

Even simple activities in our world, like sleep, work, and eating seem like a waste of time, but in the upper world they have a spiritual form. Apparently, our world is designed correctly, no matter how irrational it may seem to us. First of all, we need to take this as a hypothesis, and then we’ll see.

Our life seems a little too short or too long, confusing, and without any meaning, but is apparently arranged in the best way to achieve the highest goal. And if so, it’s necessary to ask, “Where is that secret reason, that correct goal towards which we should strive? What exactly is there to choose from in this life and how do we delve into this analysis?”

Even during those times when we are in spiritual work studying, we aren’t always able to properly concentrate. What can be depicted as the most important and necessary? What can be accomplished during this life in order to make it successful and to correctly use this chance given to us?

We come to the most important point in which all our work and effort are concentrated. This is the place for which we all should strive and seek: the revelation of the Creator. This is the only place towards which we should direct our efforts, to try to get as close as we can until we can touch it and then start building it.

It’s been written that we create the Creator. We need to build a vessel, a joint desire assembled from the many different and strange desires that are foreign to each other. The capacity of the vessel is determined by the contrast and connection of all components, which will be revealed to us as the property of bestowal that is located above the properties of reception.

The confrontation of these two properties, one against the other, is how we reveal the Creator. As it is written, “Love covers all crimes,” which is built above hatred.

It’s clear that the most important thing is to build this common place for us that is combined from our desires. Therefore, everyone has to find out what kind of wish is being talked about, what we want it to do, how one organizes and builds the correct desire, how to correctly direct it, what its effect will be, and what we need to feel within it.

Interesting enough, none of us have such a desire that is good enough for the revelation of the Creator! If it’s present within us, we would need only to increase its size and the power at the expense of our association. But everything is based on exactly the opposite, which is the annulling of the opposite desire existing within a person.

In Kabbalah, this is called a screen and reflected light We need to build such desires internally and see that they are contained in this particular desire that appears as an opposite, as an aspiration to bestow. Only in this desire are we able to connect with each other and achieve such a powerful quality and strength that it would start emitting light by itself. Therefore, the most important thing is that common place that we must attain.
From the Convention Association “Day One” 12/5/14, Lesson 2

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