Genetic Socialists

Laitman_167Comment: Recently, in one of the radio programs, a presenter asked the question: “Why did American Jewish people overwhelmingly vote for a Democrat rather than a Republican? I think it is because the Jewish people genetically are socialists, the genes of helping their neighbors prevail in them.

Answer: Of course. But, unfortunately, it’s all in the past. Recently we have significantly grown apart and have ceased to engage in mutual assistance. Everything has turned into a business.

The world is moving towards a big crisis that Kabbalah looks at as a prelude to World War III, and wants to keep the world from war.

Everything depends on us. The Jewish people should show an example of unity to everyone. They should create a state within Israel with such internal communication between people that would serve as an example for all.

We are a group of descendants of Abraham, the unity of which he wanted to demonstrate for ancient Babylon. Today we have to give an example of this combination of ancient Babylon that settled all over the earth, and to become “a light to the nations of the world”,  as is written in the Torah.
From  KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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  1. Well its obvious the Jewish people are failing. And the only thing the world seems united on is its hatred fro America and Israel. Ive been hearing this from you for years but tell me, what has changed? The world is heading towards war. People of the world seem to want to unify but the politicians of the earth just want to divide and conquer. So what are we supposed to do? Sit around and study more while it all falls to pieces around us?

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