How To Enter The Upper World Without Moving

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I depict the form of the upper level?

Answer: You have to imagine your upper state and try to live in it as much as possible. I am building the upper level in this world in these conditions. The corrected relationships between me and others are called the upper world. Then, I discover that it is right here and that there is no other place.

I see a new connection stretching between me and others, and so I reveal the whole upper level and in it the Creator who fills the world. I see that the whole world is the Holy Shechina, and the Creator is in it. I discover it right here. I don’t need to fly there or to some other dimension.

I constantly establish the form of this spiritual world by what I have before me now, and only the intention changes. I use all my egoistic desires and the hatred as building materials. I only add the corrected connection between all parts of reality. I discover and change the connection from receiving to bestowal. Nothing else changes, as it is said, “Everything goes on the way it was,” and “I ate that which is very old.”

However, I discover that, through the new attitude that I have toward others, and among others, I see that everyone is at the end of correction. They don’t feel that way, but I see them according to my level. I see that there is nothing in this world, except for Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) that is perfectly corrected. Everything that I saw up until now was simply a dream. Everything depends only on my perception of reality.

So there is nowhere to which you can escape, and there is no need to escape. I should only change my attitude toward what I see and try to see the domination of the Creator everywhere. Then, I need to feel glad since I gradually will discover the real state that already exists. The only thing missing is my effort to discover it.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/13, Writings of Rabash

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