Expensive Whims Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from RBC Daily): “An unexpected change in usual climatic conditions, a sharp cooling or warming, brings businesses higher losses than the most serious natural disasters.

“The annual damage of weather whims costs EU companies over 400 billion euros. Losses from about 900 natural disasters in 2012 were only 126 billion euros.”

My Comment: The amplitude of climatic changes will increase, the losses will grow, and then problems at the level of the still, vegetative, and animate nature will start. And there will be no protection from them… Salvation is only in the likeness of the human being with nature, attaining the property of bestowal, and connection. This can be achieved only by implementing the method of integral education for the general population.

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  1. does the figure known as ‘lucifer’ in occidental metaphysics hold any kind of position in true kabbalistic thought. I am thinking specifically of the idea of the ‘light-bearer’ or the bringer of pleasure in relation to tsimtsum Aleph. by this i mean that in my mind there seems to be a connection between the temotation to recieve pleasure for the self and the rols of the tempter in the tradition is which i was raised – catholic-. can you clarify please sir.

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