Climate Change Created A Human Being

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Royal Meteorological Society): “Rapid climate change in East Africa about 2 million years ago may have influenced human evolution according to researchers from Rutgers University and Penn State, including Professor of Geosciences at Penn State, Katherine Freeman and Clayton Magill, graduate student in the same department.

“’The landscape early humans were inhabiting transitioned rapidly back and forth between a closed woodland and an open grassland about five to six times during a period of 200,000 years,’ said Clayton Magill ‘These changes happened very abruptly, with each transition occurring over hundreds to just a few thousand years.’ …

“According to the researchers, many anthropologists believe that changing experience and challenges can lead to advances in evolution.

“Magill stated that ‘Early humans went from having trees available to having only grasses available in just 10 to 100 generations, and their diets would have had to change in response…. Changes in food availability, food type or the way you get food can trigger evolutionary mechanisms to deal with those changes. The result can be increased brain size and cognition, changes in locomotion and even social changes – how you interact with others in a group. Our data are consistent with these hypotheses. We show that the environment changed dramatically over a short time, and this variability coincides with an important period in our human evolution when the genus Homo was first established and when there was first evidence of tool use.’”

My Comment: Rather than going the way of his internal development, putting on the clothes of the Reflected Light (OH), acting anti-egoistically, the human being preferred external development, creating around himself the environment (houses, clothes, courtyards, and walls) that isolated him from Nature, the Creator.

Today, we find that this tactic has not led us not to freedom, comfort, or security; Nature becomes more and more aggressive, and no shelter can help us. On the contrary, instead of isolating ourselves from Nature, we must change ourselves to become similar to it, changing our desires from egoistic to bestowal, connection.

Thus, we reach harmony with the fundamental law of Nature, the Creator, and will perceive all His actions on us as good. That is, if until now the acts of Nature, the Creator, made us detached from Him, then today we must begin to bring ourselves to conformity with Him.

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