The Prayer Of Many For All Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat is the prayer of many? First of all, we understand that the movement forward is a movement towards each other, to feeling others like oneself. This is achieved by connecting common yearning. We need to unite our points in the hearts in a single aspiration, relate them to the Creator, desire Him to correct them to raise above our egoism in order that it remains below, and the points in the hearts exit it, rise and form the property of bestowal.

The property of bestowal can only be common, not individual. It’s manifested only in the connection with others, through the so-called “crimson ball,” a feeling of warmth between us. And all this is recorded according to the statement “the book is open and the hand writes” because in addition to our personal debt, a general account is also written. One can pay for the other and even more than that.

This means that the group can take responsibility for the weak, pull him towards itself, heal, soothe, and approve. Just as in our world, in the spiritual world there are different gradations of human, and the group can pay for him. But later, he has to pay back. This is the system of complete interdependence like in the family: small children grow up and begin to help the elderly; everyone does his part, and everything is divided equally.

So, the calculation is carried out only through the common treasury, and nothing is accepted from an individual, the Creator does not make any transactions with you. Even with the world, He makes calculations only through humanity, through the entire mass of people, through one collective desire. He influences this desire. He is in it.

The common desire is divided among all of humanity and the people aspiring for the Creator with whom He makes His own calculations. He does special actions with them in order to pull them towards Himself, to guide and drive them towards the goal. As for humanity, the Creator is pushing it forward for the time being, causing an awareness of confusion in it and gradually pulling it towards us. Part of humanity diffuses and enters our area, joins us, and the 90% remains. This is a huge amount, and it stays unchanged because the part that leads everyone forward must be strong in quality, and the rest in quantity.

Thus, we need to pray, ask for the strength to lead, to help, to shape that huge mass. The responsibility for this lies with us; we have to ask for everyone. This is the basis for a prayer.

The Creator created the desire to enjoy. This is the desire of 90% of humanity. And our desire in this mass, meaning of those who yearn for the Creator, is artificial, not belonging to this world. Now it appears in us, and we want to get somewhere. The property of the Creator is manifested in us and that’s why we are drawn back to Him, to our source. Others also have the points in the hearts due to the mixing, the breaking of the vessels, but they are hidden deeply. We were awakened just in order to pull them to us and correct them; otherwise, we would have never felt the movement towards the next state.

That is why our prayer should be for all of humanity, for having the force, skill, and knowledge of connection with the Creator in order to draw all of humanity towards us and correct it, thereby bringing Him pleasure. The task of the Creator is to be revealed in the desires of humanity, to fulfill their desire. This is on one hand.

On the other hand, we are called the head, meaning that we are aware and understand; we are associates, assistants, of the Creator. We realize His goal. He wants to be revealed in humanity because it has real huge desires, not like ours because we’re not the greatest egoists. Of course, egoism is growing in us as well as all kinds of understandings of its estimations since we have duality, and we move forward, but the biggest egoism will be revealed in all mankind.

This is immense universal egoism! The whole universe is a huge mass of inanimate matter, which we don’t feel or know, including dark matter, all that we do not see, and it is an analog of the egoism that exists in humanity. They are both inanimate matter.

That’s why the correct prayer rises only through the group and only for humanity! I ask the Creator to help me as part of the group to correct all of humanity so that He can be revealed in it. Thus, by my participation in this, together with the group, I bring Him pleasure, the realization of His plan.

Why is this so difficult to express? It’s because it refers to the property of bestowal that we can’t yet describe properly. We depict everything by means of our egoistic language: I ask the Creator to give me the strength to correct others so that He is revealed in them seemingly to receive pleasure. We have no other possibility to express all this, so the prayer should be like that.

In the meantime, we take a loan, and gradually, especially in the group, make a clear calculation how much we can begin to return what we have taken from the store: for each given day, for the lesson, for the gathering of friends, for the convention, for everything! What do we give? What do we return? Do we correctly realize that excitement, that possibility that we get every time?
From the Novosibirsk Convention 12/9/12, Lesson 5

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